A Day of Firsts

This morning was pretty typical.

As usual, I woke up ten/fifteen minutes late. Actually…if I wake up “ten minutes late” every single day, then maybe I should just say…

As usual, I woke up right on time. I jumped in the shower, jumped out a few minutes later than I should have. Hair dried, mascara on, everything is going well when SCREEEEECCCCHHHHHHHH. Wardrobe crisis. Nothing looks good, there’s a new weird spot on this shirt, that shirt is suddenly shorter than I remembered, the other is actually see-through and I never noticed until JUST NOW?! WHY ARE THESE PANTS SO AWKWARD LOOKING?!?! DID I PUT THIS NEW SKIRT IN THE DRYYYERRRR!?!??!??!?

So all of the above is normal and occurs daily. I race out the door ten minutes later than planned and get on the train which gets me to work 10-15 minutes later than planned. Aka…right on time.

It had been a rough week at work, so far.

I recently got a promotion and have taken on (learning about) several new responsibilities that I will eventually “own.” Well, it’s a busy time over there in our office, so the love and attention meter is almost always in the negatives. That’s just fine, but it makes the learning process slightly more….drawn out. This week I was getting slammed for all of my minor mistakes etc etc and was really starting to think “I SUCK AT THIS!”

But then, today someone told me that I had done an “awesome job” on a pretty big project. Sounds simple and common but trust me it is definitely not. So, that was an awesome first! I was killing it in the office today.

Someone also called me “homie” over email at work today. That was a first. 

For lunch I ordered Potbelly’s. It’s been a while, so I was excited to order a “big” sandwich and eat half for lunch, half for dinner. They’re that big. I branched out for the first time in my at-work-Potbelly’s-order-history and got The Wreck sandwich. Well, I hated it. A few bites and I’d had enough so I rolled everything up and chunked it right into the trashcan by my feet, under my desk.

“Potbelly’s fail,” I said aloud. I started to get up to dash towards the kitchen for handfuls of unhealthy snacks when…

My friend who sits very near to me (and had just finished her salad in less than 2 minutes) said something like “wait I’ll eat that I’ll totally eat that!”

I kind of just laughed and swiveled back over to my computer screen. From the corner of my eye, I could see her still sitting facing me and she said “No seriously can I have that?”

I dug the sandwich out of the trash and within seconds she ate it. The BIG sandwich. YUCK!

That was another good first! 

After work Emily and I met up and went to Shake Shack at 86th and Lex. That was a first! And another first…we didn’t have to become table-vultures to find a place to sit!


After dinner, we walked up to 92Y (the world’s most awesome place over on the Upper East) for a talk with Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice! A cool first. Well, actually I have been to 92Y before. I was there to see Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink and Tipping Point), Brian Grazer (oscar-winning producer of movies like A Beautiful Mind) and Helen Hunt (Helen Hunt). Last night I was SUPPOSED to go listen to an interview with Judy Blume but missed it for work. 92Y hosts all sorts of classes and talks, with guests who are famous authors, actors, intellectuals, politicians, athletes, etc. I love it. Anyways Posh Spice rocked and was way nicer in real life than she ever led people to believe back in the day!


And here comes the biggest first.

The only bad thing about 92Y is the journey home. We have to take the 4 train (ew) to Union Square (ahh!) where we catch the N (booooo).

Note about the subways: Number-trains just aren’t great. The 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 are all big losers, in my opinion. Not so much where they go, but the lighting, the width, the seating arrangements, the frequency of random street performers….just not ideal. 

We made it to Union Square and caught an N train. Everything was fine until all of the sudden Emily said something about “You gotta do what you gotta do.” I didn’t really hear what she said before that until I smelled something so ratchet that I think I almost gagged. I turned and looked in the direction that Emily was (trying not to) look and WHAAAATTTTT!??!!??!??!!?

On a train full of people, at 9:30pm, in New York City…a woman was changing the diaper of her big giant toddler. He/she (couldn’t tell) was certainly not an infant and WOWZA. I mean, pants off, wipes out, and germs flying.

Thankfully we had just arrived to Canal Street and could race out of the train and into the next car over. THAT was a first.  

So, many firsts. Today just was another fun day in NYC.

Summer is here, which means weekends at the beach are on the menu 🙂
Next weekend we are headed to Montreal for a World Cup game, or two. WOO!

And before we know it, it’s family reunion time. I can barely contain my excitement.

Peace, homies.


Mr. Nascar

Lately I’ve had a little extra pep in my step. Everything is really just great over here in Brooklyn! Maybe it’s the idea of spring, maybe it’s the thought of flowers blooming and trees turning green….

(For the record it snowed three days ago and nothing is green or blooming anywhere around within a 100 mile radius of us…)

But aside from the eternal winter that we’re experiencing here in NYC, I think the city is starting to really get out of the ice-cold attitude that it sinks into every year. I’ve seen more people cracking occasional smiles and even giving the occasional chuckle. Fewer fights and evil glares are popping up on the subway, and more and more people are helping tourists with directions! I’ve seen a few colors other than black and navy sneaking out from underneath furs and peacoats. Flashy tennis shoes are replacing smelly old snowboots and more and more people are reaching for their nude tights, straying from the good old I-haven’t-shaved-in-3-weeks-so-I’ll-wear-black-on-black-on-black tights.

I will admit that crossing Time Square (on 42nd Street) this past Saturday almost killed me. I don’t have anything against tourists but WOWZA that is crazyland, especially during spring break season. Note to self: do not travel west of 6.5th Avenue in the 30s or 40s at any time before May. Or EVER! It’s kind of like….jumping across hot lava.

However, the journey to the other side of 7th avenue was worth it. Last weekend, Sarah came to visit! The three of us went and saw On the Town…it was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music, dancing, and/or America. (That should be just about everyone, right?) Emily and I have once again remembered that we should really be seeing more shows! 2015 could be the year that I see them all…..

Check out how awesome our seats were:


This morning’s commuting journey was something new. I was off to a great start for a Monday morning, managing to catch the train that gets me to work a little bit less late than the train that I normally sprint onto. I was stepping into the train (headphones in, looking down/for an open seat) and almost ran straight into this tall, sort of gangly muscley guy wearing white-rimmed Nascar-style sunglasses. Anything described as being Nascar-y should be a red flag in this city…I should have known that from the get-go.

Well, I didn’t get a seat but had a good place to stand just a few inches from Mr. Nascar. He seemed normal enough other than the occasional Michael Jackson dance move that he would randomly bust.


The clothes started peeling off. First it was the blazer. Then it was this very big scarf that could have passed for a blanket. People were starting notice that this guy was a little off…but really what can you do other than give a side-stare. (Note: Never stare at someone directly on the subway. You are risking your life in doing so.) I was staring at him via reflection on the inside of the train car. I thought I noticed him glancing my way repeatedly, but his sunglasses were deceiving.

Well, before I knew it he began hanging his clothes on my shoulder. Similar to how a person hangs a towel on a hook, or a coat on a hanger. This was confusing and weird, but I tried not to react too much. Clearly, this guy was a dingbat.

I gave him a glare and plucked the blanket from my shoulder. He gave me a single finger, indicating “just a minute” and continued to re-adjust his clothes. RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIN! At this point, people were giving the big-eye stare, shaking their heads and rolling there eyes. I’m sure they were all thinking the same thing that I was.

I thought the encounter was finally over when Mr. Nascar tapped me on the shoulder a few minutes later and asked if I knew where he could get a hot bath.

My answer was “NO.”

He pranced off of the train about 10 minutes later and everyone watched him float up the stairs and out of the Broadway Lafayette station. Just another day in paradiso.

Work is good lately. I could type endless amounts of hilarious, annoying, frightening, disturbing, and down right stupid stories from regular days on the job…but something tells me it’s just best to keep all of that to myself. If you want a good laugh, just ask me the next time you see me.

But we all work with a few crazy people, right? Sometimes I just put my headphones in at my desk and say goodbyyyyyyye everyone! By the way, being from Texas has its perks in a New York office. The expression “Don’t Mess with Texas” has really proven to be a pal in many instances.

The other day we ordered a huge lunch for a meeting. I zipped into the conference room to sign for the food and the delivery person said something like “wow you have such a warm and friendly personality, it’s so refreshing!” (Note, this was after about one minute of conversation…) The best response I could come up with was “Well, I am from Texas.” He closed his eyes and did a pursed-lip smile+head nod and said “now it makes sense. You know, I’ve always wanted to learn to rope cattle. Have you done that a lot?”


Another awesome thing that recently happened….going on stage at Sarah McLachlan! Basically, me and Emily are famous now. This is another story that’s better told in person.

concertpic IMG_2486


Looking back since the last time I wrote anything on here…so many things have happened! Extra fun holidays, people visiting, weddings, weekend trips to the beach, weekend trips to Atlantic City…winning the lottery, getting engaged, adopting a puppy, buying my first house….

Just kidding about those last four items.

2015 is off to a great start. So great that I may even wear something other than black tomorrow.



I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

We’ll not really, but I did land on a sunny bench in Central Park after work and I cannot manage to peel myself off of it. This feels so good, almost as good as the beach.

In the ten minutes that I’ve been sitting here:

-A woman who is collecting bottles and cans from the trash can across from me removed the cup full of ice water that I tossed in several minutes ago and cleaned her hands with it. By the way, she is not homeless. Some people in these parts hoard the bottles and cans for extra cash, I guess.

-A creepy, 6-foot-something twiggy guy with long long hair who is dressed as a clown was making a bunch of little kids laugh and crowd around (nannies with strollers close behind, all chatting together and looking on). As soon as the little kids left, the clown wasn’t really drawing a crowd….until a large Hispanic family passed. Unfortunately one of the little boys shouted “booooooooooooooooo” and threw a piece of garbage. BOO TO YOU, YA LITTLE STINKER.


I’m now on a train home, as I had to ditch Central Park because once again, random strangers were approaching me left and right, wanting to be my new best friend. If I’m sitting there with my face in my phone typing this blog post, do I really look like I want to talk?

…I must look really cute today. Or maybe it was just the one remaining beam of sunlight that I was stationed under that was making me look so dreamy and magical.

Yesterday I decided to walk another way after work, which I’ve been trying to do more of lately. I walked up Fifth Avenue towards Central Park (instead of down towards Rock Center) and once I hit the park, I hooked a right on 63rd and made my way through the worlds most amazing neighborhood towards Park Ave.

But before I even got to Madison, I noticed two paparazzi sprinting after three tall skinny blonde girls who I knew couldn’t be from here- their heels were way too high. I was close enough behind them to make the executive decision to trail behind/stalk them.

I thought, Real Housewives of NYC? And I kept following, the three of them walking ahead of me, camera men back-pedaling in front of them and filming.

Pretty soon we all ended up in a big clump around the patio tables at Tello (Italian place on Madison). Before I could really catch a glimpse of the girls’ faces, BOOM Mickey Rourke stood up from the table that we were by then almost on top of.

Basically, going a different way is almost always the best way.

Peace, homiez.

^you think that lady knew she had an orange peel stuck to her shoe? I think surely yes.

^by the way that’s mickey rourke



I’ve been a real stranger lately, sorry loyally reading friends and family! 

It’s pretty quiet in the office today so I’ll fill you in on what’s happening lately in Lesley’s world as I eat my lunch. Today, I’m having a grapefruit cup and a tuna wrap. Except I haven’t found the tuna part of the wrap yet………..

[I have a pretty sweet lunch hookup- it’s “on the office” everyday, so I’ve been trying lots of great places. I like to switch it up a lot and order from a different place every day of the week but have caught myself only ordering tuna lately. So…I’m quickly becoming a connoisseur of NYC tuna wraps and sandwiches. For the record, Witchcraft is my favorite. You can find one at Rock Center!] 

Since the last time I posted a LOTTTTTTT LOT LOT of great things have happened. Easter, several visits from family and friends, occasional weekend trips to the beach in NJ, and most recently two trips to the beach with the Singletarys in Destin and then the Martins in Fort Morgan. Can you tell that I like the beach? Beach beach beach. Beach. 

Highlights of Destin: family, sand dollars, and finding gigantic starfish (and paddle-boarding)

Highlights of Alabama: family, dolphins, and eating on the porch three days in a row (and paddle-boarding)

Emily, Erin, and I managed to drive my old Mazdarati from Destin to Brooklyn a few weeks ago and my life has changed for the better. So far, most New Yorkers don’t really understand my enthusiasm when I explain how awesome it is having a car up here, parked right outside and ready to go at any time….BUT IT IS A DREAM COME TRUEEE!

[When spontaneity is one of your best friends, the thought of planning to take a subway to a train to another train and then catching a ride from the train at exactly this time and that time is really a nightmare. I hate the train. I said it. But I do appreciate public transportation.]

So, every morning I get off of the train at Rockefeller Center and walk up a flight of stairs, through the turnstiles, through a revolving door, up some more stairs, down a long hallway, past Starbucks, past a guy who gives me a creepy grin every morning*, up another flight of stairs, down another hall, up one escalator**, and finally through a revolving door which spits me out here: 

and right across from Saint Patrick’s. There are several opportunities for me to trip, step on someone’s toes, fall up or down some stairs, run into someone…and until today it has never happened but THIS MORNING….

**My flip flop got stuck in the escalator right near the exit of Rockefeller Center. I’m surprised that I didn’t jam the entire thing up (I have completely broken an one before), but let’s just say that I never want to have to retrieve/yank a shredded, hot, slightly melted flip flop from the top of a moving escalator again. THANKFULLY no one was standing right behind me, but the woman on her way up got a pretty good show.

Thankfully, I keep my other shoes under my desk at work. 

*I had to make a run downstairs for someone’s sushi lunch today and WHADYA KNOW. Mr. Creepy Man was the delivery person. Awkward!


I. saw. Anna. Wintour. Google it. 




My pants just ripped at work.

My blogging habits are out of control, sorry for such slim pickings lately!

First I’ll fill you in on Sunset shenanigans and then you can read through other recent scribbles that I never actually got around to posting…oopsy!

Well, life is pretty good lately. I’ve been working at the Carlyle Group, filling in for someone who I think may not actually be returning which meannnnnnsssss…..I just may have found THE job! For all of you reading this saying “isn’t Carlyle finance? Didn’t she say all this time she didn’t want to be doing anything related to finance?” Well the truth is yes, I kind of did say that. BUT THIS seems to be the complete package. The job itself should be pretty relevant to just about any future endeavor and I actually love the people in the office. My education is appreciated, people actually care about where I’ve been and what I’ve done up to this point. That is rare, I’ve learned.

So, if this works I will do my best to just be awesome and learn as much as I can.
Also, I think grad school is on my horizon. And by horizon I mean wayyyyy out there, like an oil rig in the Gulf…but still. I’m pumped.
Job = way more adventures coming up. Yahoo.

Emily and I went to another Jennifer Nettles concert on Wednesday night. We aren’t really groupies but we found an amazing deal for tickets and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. As always she rocked and we had a great time. MARK COHN was there (the guy who wrote Walking in Memphis) and they performed together. WOWZA.

Embarrassing story of the century: a daily fear that became a reality this morning

Picture New York City. Tall buildings. At 8:30 in the morning there are thousands and thousands of people rushing into alllll of those tall buildings, from midtown to downtown and everywhere in between. Coffee in hand, black coats on (by the way, there are way less puffies and a lot more woolens and furs in hedge-fund world than in Weinstein world), and building-badges out and ready to swipe. Many building have rotating doors, you know, the fun spinning kind.

The thing is- have you ever been trapped in one of those doors? Or thought “what would happen if these doors got all jammed up, too many people trying to crowd in…”? I have. I’ve often wondered what would happen if two strangers accidentally ended up in one slice of the door-pie and well, THIS MORNING I FOUND OUT.

I was just minding my own business and walking into work when I accidentally somehow managed to go into the same little area as the stranger ahead of me! The door continued to rotate for a second before hitting the back of my shoe, coming to a slamming stop, hitting the guy who was now just inches ahead of me…he shouted “HOLY $HIT YOU SCARED ME SO BAD!”

Seconds later we were moving again but he was about one-scare notch away from needing resuscitation. I shouted “happy Friday!” and gave the poor little guy a pat on the back. Thankfully we needed to board separate elevators, YIKES. By the way…about 50 people in suits and black wool coats saw this all happen. Que verguenza.

Other than that….

It’s still cold. When will New York stop tricking its inhabitants and just WARM THE HECK UP!????? Better start thawing out soon because I’ve got visitors coming! April is going to be a very busy month around here. Lauren and Ashleigh are coming to see me, my mom will be here for a few days, AND I get to zip over to Cali for the big wedding in just a few weeks. CANNOT WAIT!

A fun-filled weekend awaits. Who knows, maybe I’ll write again!
Until then…read some old news:


Ah, let’s see.

I’m currently sitting at my new little chest of drawers/night stand/desk (that I found on the “trash pile” last week after doing laundry downstairs. #WINNING!
Emily got a BIG one, we really lucked out! I think some of our neighbors had an “out with the old, in with the new” furniture movement and ditched these beauties.) and sipping hot chocolate. It’s a bit chilly, as our heat is once again out. WHAT THE HECK!?

Let’s catch up. So, my Weinstein temping days are over. I gave it a good shot and tried to say “Hey, hire me because I can see that you need me around here,” but it just didn’t work. That’s okay. I will never forget those three awesome weeks when I worked in the presence of Harvey Weinstein, himself. A real New York experience that just can’t be matched. And during awards season! I wish I could have maybe stayed through the Oscars….oh well.

On my last day at the office it also happened to be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s post-funeral-get-together, at the restaurant located just right downstairs. As I waited for my ride after work (I was headed to NJ for a few days), several celebrities were filing out of the restaurant or waiting to be shuffled into one of the many black vehicles parked outside of the building. I felt cool, paparazzi lurking…I pretended that they were taking pictures of me, so my hood was up and I was looking cool. Am I weird? Anyway, my bags toppled over right there on the sidewalk and I bent to pick them up. On the way back up….Maya Rudolph was standing right there in front of me! I dorkishly let out an “Oh, hey!” and then went on my way. Dweeb moment. (Maya Rudolph is the hilarious Saturday Night Live star that most people love.)

My trip to NJ was awesome, and I even got to take a spontaneous trip to Atlantic City with the Navarras. It was really fun- thanks, Mom and Jean especially for getting me hooked on casinos and slots…
We stayed at Revel, which most likely means nothing to anyone who is reading my blog BUT you should all know that the area in general has a vibe somewhat similar to Biloxi. Maybe a little less happening, but still similar in size and casino-scope. Also, I won $7,000!

Just kidding, $70. But still.

After my little trip to NJ I trucked it back to NYC and got back on the temp track. I started at another hedge fund hesitantly, kind of dreading it, and without a smile…BUT I’ve actually really been enjoying and now it looks like it MIGHTTTTT turn into a full-time gig. No, it is not my “dream” job but it’s a good job. And…I think it might be time for me to start raking it in and living it up. I’m ready for weekend trips, Knicks and Nets games, Mets and Yankees games, plays and operas, really good food that we’ve not yet discovered….New York stuff! We’ll see what happens 🙂

Well, speaking of the new place. It’s located directly across the street from SAC, which is just so…funny to me. I mean, LITERALLY right across the street.
Anyways the people there are pretty great and I’m enjoying sitting on the “trading floor” with a variety of people doing all different types of jobs. Across from me is a trader, to my left and right are other assistants, and behind me is a crazy Indian lady who heads the operations team. She keeps me laughing pretty much 100% of the time and I’ve actually had dash to the bathroom at least once every day because I am laughing uncontrollably. She is NUTTY!

Picture a really tall and handsome Ken doll. And his name is actually Ken, he’s probably a millionaire and lives in Connecticut. So KenDoll came out of his office on Friday and was talking to a guy who sits somewhere behind me (we all sit in big long rows, no cubicles, just long rows of computers so everyone is talking all of the time, which I love). Here’s how the conversation went:

KenDoll: “Hey man did you see Frontline last night? Secrets of the Vatican? It was a-mazzzinnnnnnggggg right?!”
MysteryGuy: “OMG yes it was awesome, I never miss a Frontline I freaking love that show and I couldn’t believe that episode!”
(goes on for a while)
KenDoll: “Yeah, I used to never miss an episode but now I have bee-keeping classes on Thursday evenings…”
(silence everywhere)

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! BEE KEEPING????!!!!!!!!! CLASSES??????!!!!!!! Is that a real thing that people do? Or just Ken Dolls who live in Connecticut and have millions of dollars? What an interesting character…

Speaking of interesting characters, Emily got us tickets to go to a play last night kind of on the lower east side/Chinatown area and it turned out to be really great! It was a small theater, probably about 40 people there to watch, we had a great time and realized we need to get out more! Hence my sudden job epiphany. Job = money and experience = do fun things and grow wardrobe = dream job comes later with more experience and better clothes.


Back in my Weinstein days I started writing a post and never finished…see below:

Ripped pants are not cute. Especially not at work. Well, they were CHEAP pants but still.

I think maybe it’s about time to pull on the old running gear again and start pounding the pavement. After all, I AM going to be back on the beach scene before we know it.

But juuuuuuuust when I’m ready put these legs into a higher gear, I look outside and see people slipping and sliding like there’s no tomorrow. This morning was the equivalent to…

Imagine a Sonic slushie so giant that it could fill a lake. A GREAT Lake. Now dump it on NYC. Ok, that’s not so bad. But then, picture a million people all dressed in black hitting the town around 8 am, (of maybe 9 if they’re creatives). Slush on the stairs down into the train, windows fogged up on every car- so foggy that when the train pulls up you can’t tell if it’s full or empty!

The doors open and you see either a few shining seats of glory OR 58392579089022590 people praying to God that you do NOT try to squeeze in with them. This morning trains were actually not so bad (most people probably worked from home), so I got seats all the way to work. Something frightening, the 2 and 3 lines LOST POWER! IMAGING BEING ON A TOTALLY DARK TRAIN IN A TOTALLY DARK TUNNEL WITH PEOPLE DRESSED IN TOTALLY DARK CLOTHES AND IN TOTALLY DARK MOODS! EEK!

(By the end of the day that pure icy slushie has turned into more of a…Coke Slush…
Is anyone understanding my analogy?)

Thankfully, Target supplied me with the most amazing snow/slush boots ever to land on this planet and I happily skipped through puddle after puddle BUT that wasn’t the case for most. The majority of my co-workers immediately shouted “WHAT THE $*(#@*” as soon as they stepped off of the elevator today. One girl was drenched, another guy looked like he had been washed and was hanging to dry. Droopy in every way.

So, in conclusion. The running gear will remain folded neatly on my shelf until this arctic tundra completely thaws, melts, and runs off into the Hudson…when people can once again roam the streets of New York without being splashed with road sludge or slipping into the abyss of endless icy mudwater.



Superbowl Sunday


Cowboys are obvi the team I would like to root for but…

I also used to love the Colts because when Grant and I played Madden on Nintendo64, they were top tier. Then I loved the Jaguars because Grandma’s cousin Gigi gave me and Grant Jacksonville jerseys. I circled back around to the Cowboys when I started seeing Barry Switzer on an almost daily basis for lunch at Midway.

So, GO SEANCOS! (Seahawks + Broncos).

Emily and I did a quick Tour de Superbowl yesterday. We went over to Hoboken:


Then to Times Square (cuh-razy). We didn’t see much other than the trophy and the normal massive tourism population squeezing through in attempt to get to…nowhere. Woof:Image

I think it’s best to stay over here in Brooklyn until all game festivities have come to an end. Football really gets people all nutty around here. Just for the record, baseball fandom is way classier.

On Friday after work I went to Hoboken in an attempt to find the numerals above but instead just caught a good view of Freedom Tower/downtown:


In other news: 

I’m still temping at The Weinstein Company. Receptionist jobs are just about as boring as they come BUT I have to say, the excitement of the office makes up for the lack of ANYTHING to do for most of the day. Harvey Weinstein is someone who I will never forget, that’s for sure. He most resembles…The Beast, before he becomes nice. I’ve never seen someone so looked after, so pampered, so picky, so loud, so evil to his assistants, so powerful (in the industry), and so….just…INTENSE! Apparently Meryl Streep is officed in the building where I’ve been working- isn’t that cool!?

I woke up today with pink eye…just great.  After consultations with Nurses Kathy and Peggy, I found my way to an urgent care place over in Manhattan, Gramercy area. First things first, look what I stumbled opon on the way from the doc to the pharmacy!: 


Then, I came to the conclusion that in Gramercy, it is required that all inhabitants wear yoga pants and brightly colored tennis shoes on Sunday mornings. Starbucks cup in-hand. Looking like a gym-rat but really just chillin, walking around and enjoying a coffee. That look doesn’t really fly over here in Sunset Park. We’ve got places to go and people to see…NOT in yoga pants. This is not a bash, just stating the facts!

At the Union Square station on my way back, I encountered a piano prodigy pounding away at the old black and whites- the dollars were just FLYING into his guitar case (wait….why did he have a guitar case?)….

But as I walked over to toss in my last single, something unusual happened. The dad/cheerleader/manager of the kid took a swig from…a medicine bottle? Then tossed it into the nearest trash can. Not a good look dude, not a good look. 

I haven’t posted a Subway Series photo in a while, here’s one of the best from last week (during the icy snowy blizzardy time): 



Cheers to the Superbowl- I hope your nights are filled with chicken wings, maybe some beer, the occasional celery stick with ranch, chips and dip, a couple slices of pizza, and a Seancos win! 



Major awesome thing that I failed to mention about my last trip to the shore…

I went to the beach in the freezing cold one morning and found FIFTY SANDDOLLARS! I know, it’s a miracle. Now accepting creative ideas regarding what to do with those little treasures. 

Well, I survived a week in the office of Harvey Weinstein. It was interesting, and probably the closest I’ll ever get to uh…EVERY celeb in the world! It’s easy to feel “star-struck” when you’re sorting through mail from celebs and THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, so I had to put myself in check every once in a while to avoid feeling like a TMZ stalker.

It’s still pretty brisk around here, but I’m looking forward to the warmup that’s ahead. We’re looking at 30s in a few days, WOO! I’ll take anything above 20 at this point…

I got a haircut today at a great little place in Bay Ridge. The new look sort of resembles Anna Wintour, so I was secretly voguing  around Brooklyn as I ran the rest of my errands. Just for the record, going to Target here is so NOT theraputic! At home and in Oklahoma I remember occassionaly thinking “Hmm, maybe I’ll go to target!” And then, I enjoyed wandering aimlessly around the store with an empty cart…usually leaving with nothing or something that I didn’t need but “treated myself to.” Ha…

Here its more like “Hmm…can I survive for another week without groceries? I REALLY do not want to go to Target!” It’s a good store, but the commuting-with-grocery-bags factor is a major downside. And…this Target is DIRECTLY across the street from the Barclays Center, so you can probably imagine all kinds of crazy going on in there. On the upside, this evening when my metrocard was failing me and I couldn’t get through the turnstyle and was near panic-mode about the fact that my fingers were about to fall of from no circulation thanks to heavy bags…SOMEONE SWIPED THEIR CARD FOR ME AND LET ME THROUGH! Kindness can change the world, people. Seriously. 

I’ve been sporting clunky snow boots for the past week to and from work and any other time that I have to leave the apartment. I was watching someone walking ahead of me without snow-propriate shoes and laughing to myself at how silly they looked, but then did a quick eval of how I was walking/balancing through the slippery snowy icy slushy mess and could relate the style best toooo….either a T Rex or a rooster. Form matters! After my minor fall the other day I shamelessly take all precautions while skipping around town.


I’ve managed to see Blue Jasmine, Gravity, August: Osage County, Captain Phillips, The Butler, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave…only a few more to cross off of the list!  

Did anyone in Texas or wherever hear about Avonte Oquendo? The 14 year old boy from Queens who had autism and went missing back in October? Well, after months of looking they recently found his remains in the East River. Too sad. New Yorkers were saddened by the news…I think that for a while there we all thought that we might spot Avonte somewhere along our daily paths. Sigh. 

Tonight Emily and I watching Flushed Away….HAHA! This is an animated film from 2006 about the mouse who gets flushed down the toilet. What have we come to?!