Major awesome thing that I failed to mention about my last trip to the shore…

I went to the beach in the freezing cold one morning and found FIFTY SANDDOLLARS! I know, it’s a miracle. Now accepting creative ideas regarding what to do with those little treasures. 

Well, I survived a week in the office of Harvey Weinstein. It was interesting, and probably the closest I’ll ever get to uh…EVERY celeb in the world! It’s easy to feel “star-struck” when you’re sorting through mail from celebs and THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, so I had to put myself in check every once in a while to avoid feeling like a TMZ stalker.

It’s still pretty brisk around here, but I’m looking forward to the warmup that’s ahead. We’re looking at 30s in a few days, WOO! I’ll take anything above 20 at this point…

I got a haircut today at a great little place in Bay Ridge. The new look sort of resembles Anna Wintour, so I was secretly voguing  around Brooklyn as I ran the rest of my errands. Just for the record, going to Target here is so NOT theraputic! At home and in Oklahoma I remember occassionaly thinking “Hmm, maybe I’ll go to target!” And then, I enjoyed wandering aimlessly around the store with an empty cart…usually leaving with nothing or something that I didn’t need but “treated myself to.” Ha…

Here its more like “Hmm…can I survive for another week without groceries? I REALLY do not want to go to Target!” It’s a good store, but the commuting-with-grocery-bags factor is a major downside. And…this Target is DIRECTLY across the street from the Barclays Center, so you can probably imagine all kinds of crazy going on in there. On the upside, this evening when my metrocard was failing me and I couldn’t get through the turnstyle and was near panic-mode about the fact that my fingers were about to fall of from no circulation thanks to heavy bags…SOMEONE SWIPED THEIR CARD FOR ME AND LET ME THROUGH! Kindness can change the world, people. Seriously. 

I’ve been sporting clunky snow boots for the past week to and from work and any other time that I have to leave the apartment. I was watching someone walking ahead of me without snow-propriate shoes and laughing to myself at how silly they looked, but then did a quick eval of how I was walking/balancing through the slippery snowy icy slushy mess and could relate the style best toooo….either a T Rex or a rooster. Form matters! After my minor fall the other day I shamelessly take all precautions while skipping around town.


I’ve managed to see Blue Jasmine, Gravity, August: Osage County, Captain Phillips, The Butler, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave…only a few more to cross off of the list!  

Did anyone in Texas or wherever hear about Avonte Oquendo? The 14 year old boy from Queens who had autism and went missing back in October? Well, after months of looking they recently found his remains in the East River. Too sad. New Yorkers were saddened by the news…I think that for a while there we all thought that we might spot Avonte somewhere along our daily paths. Sigh. 

Tonight Emily and I watching Flushed Away….HAHA! This is an animated film from 2006 about the mouse who gets flushed down the toilet. What have we come to?! 




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