Superbowl Sunday


Cowboys are obvi the team I would like to root for but…

I also used to love the Colts because when Grant and I played Madden on Nintendo64, they were top tier. Then I loved the Jaguars because Grandma’s cousin Gigi gave me and Grant Jacksonville jerseys. I circled back around to the Cowboys when I started seeing Barry Switzer on an almost daily basis for lunch at Midway.

So, GO SEANCOS! (Seahawks + Broncos).

Emily and I did a quick Tour de Superbowl yesterday. We went over to Hoboken:


Then to Times Square (cuh-razy). We didn’t see much other than the trophy and the normal massive tourism population squeezing through in attempt to get to…nowhere. Woof:Image

I think it’s best to stay over here in Brooklyn until all game festivities have come to an end. Football really gets people all nutty around here. Just for the record, baseball fandom is way classier.

On Friday after work I went to Hoboken in an attempt to find the numerals above but instead just caught a good view of Freedom Tower/downtown:


In other news: 

I’m still temping at The Weinstein Company. Receptionist jobs are just about as boring as they come BUT I have to say, the excitement of the office makes up for the lack of ANYTHING to do for most of the day. Harvey Weinstein is someone who I will never forget, that’s for sure. He most resembles…The Beast, before he becomes nice. I’ve never seen someone so looked after, so pampered, so picky, so loud, so evil to his assistants, so powerful (in the industry), and so….just…INTENSE! Apparently Meryl Streep is officed in the building where I’ve been working- isn’t that cool!?

I woke up today with pink eye…just great.  After consultations with Nurses Kathy and Peggy, I found my way to an urgent care place over in Manhattan, Gramercy area. First things first, look what I stumbled opon on the way from the doc to the pharmacy!: 


Then, I came to the conclusion that in Gramercy, it is required that all inhabitants wear yoga pants and brightly colored tennis shoes on Sunday mornings. Starbucks cup in-hand. Looking like a gym-rat but really just chillin, walking around and enjoying a coffee. That look doesn’t really fly over here in Sunset Park. We’ve got places to go and people to see…NOT in yoga pants. This is not a bash, just stating the facts!

At the Union Square station on my way back, I encountered a piano prodigy pounding away at the old black and whites- the dollars were just FLYING into his guitar case (wait….why did he have a guitar case?)….

But as I walked over to toss in my last single, something unusual happened. The dad/cheerleader/manager of the kid took a swig from…a medicine bottle? Then tossed it into the nearest trash can. Not a good look dude, not a good look. 

I haven’t posted a Subway Series photo in a while, here’s one of the best from last week (during the icy snowy blizzardy time): 



Cheers to the Superbowl- I hope your nights are filled with chicken wings, maybe some beer, the occasional celery stick with ranch, chips and dip, a couple slices of pizza, and a Seancos win! 



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