I’ve been a real stranger lately, sorry loyally reading friends and family! 

It’s pretty quiet in the office today so I’ll fill you in on what’s happening lately in Lesley’s world as I eat my lunch. Today, I’m having a grapefruit cup and a tuna wrap. Except I haven’t found the tuna part of the wrap yet………..

[I have a pretty sweet lunch hookup- it’s “on the office” everyday, so I’ve been trying lots of great places. I like to switch it up a lot and order from a different place every day of the week but have caught myself only ordering tuna lately. So…I’m quickly becoming a connoisseur of NYC tuna wraps and sandwiches. For the record, Witchcraft is my favorite. You can find one at Rock Center!] 

Since the last time I posted a LOTTTTTTT LOT LOT of great things have happened. Easter, several visits from family and friends, occasional weekend trips to the beach in NJ, and most recently two trips to the beach with the Singletarys in Destin and then the Martins in Fort Morgan. Can you tell that I like the beach? Beach beach beach. Beach. 

Highlights of Destin: family, sand dollars, and finding gigantic starfish (and paddle-boarding)

Highlights of Alabama: family, dolphins, and eating on the porch three days in a row (and paddle-boarding)

Emily, Erin, and I managed to drive my old Mazdarati from Destin to Brooklyn a few weeks ago and my life has changed for the better. So far, most New Yorkers don’t really understand my enthusiasm when I explain how awesome it is having a car up here, parked right outside and ready to go at any time….BUT IT IS A DREAM COME TRUEEE!

[When spontaneity is one of your best friends, the thought of planning to take a subway to a train to another train and then catching a ride from the train at exactly this time and that time is really a nightmare. I hate the train. I said it. But I do appreciate public transportation.]

So, every morning I get off of the train at Rockefeller Center and walk up a flight of stairs, through the turnstiles, through a revolving door, up some more stairs, down a long hallway, past Starbucks, past a guy who gives me a creepy grin every morning*, up another flight of stairs, down another hall, up one escalator**, and finally through a revolving door which spits me out here: 

and right across from Saint Patrick’s. There are several opportunities for me to trip, step on someone’s toes, fall up or down some stairs, run into someone…and until today it has never happened but THIS MORNING….

**My flip flop got stuck in the escalator right near the exit of Rockefeller Center. I’m surprised that I didn’t jam the entire thing up (I have completely broken an one before), but let’s just say that I never want to have to retrieve/yank a shredded, hot, slightly melted flip flop from the top of a moving escalator again. THANKFULLY no one was standing right behind me, but the woman on her way up got a pretty good show.

Thankfully, I keep my other shoes under my desk at work. 

*I had to make a run downstairs for someone’s sushi lunch today and WHADYA KNOW. Mr. Creepy Man was the delivery person. Awkward!


I. saw. Anna. Wintour. Google it. 





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