Mr. Nascar

Lately I’ve had a little extra pep in my step. Everything is really just great over here in Brooklyn! Maybe it’s the idea of spring, maybe it’s the thought of flowers blooming and trees turning green….

(For the record it snowed three days ago and nothing is green or blooming anywhere around within a 100 mile radius of us…)

But aside from the eternal winter that we’re experiencing here in NYC, I think the city is starting to really get out of the ice-cold attitude that it sinks into every year. I’ve seen more people cracking occasional smiles and even giving the occasional chuckle. Fewer fights and evil glares are popping up on the subway, and more and more people are helping tourists with directions! I’ve seen a few colors other than black and navy sneaking out from underneath furs and peacoats. Flashy tennis shoes are replacing smelly old snowboots and more and more people are reaching for their nude tights, straying from the good old I-haven’t-shaved-in-3-weeks-so-I’ll-wear-black-on-black-on-black tights.

I will admit that crossing Time Square (on 42nd Street) this past Saturday almost killed me. I don’t have anything against tourists but WOWZA that is crazyland, especially during spring break season. Note to self: do not travel west of 6.5th Avenue in the 30s or 40s at any time before May. Or EVER! It’s kind of like….jumping across hot lava.

However, the journey to the other side of 7th avenue was worth it. Last weekend, Sarah came to visit! The three of us went and saw On the Town…it was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music, dancing, and/or America. (That should be just about everyone, right?) Emily and I have once again remembered that we should really be seeing more shows! 2015 could be the year that I see them all…..

Check out how awesome our seats were:


This morning’s commuting journey was something new. I was off to a great start for a Monday morning, managing to catch the train that gets me to work a little bit less late than the train that I normally sprint onto. I was stepping into the train (headphones in, looking down/for an open seat) and almost ran straight into this tall, sort of gangly muscley guy wearing white-rimmed Nascar-style sunglasses. Anything described as being Nascar-y should be a red flag in this city…I should have known that from the get-go.

Well, I didn’t get a seat but had a good place to stand just a few inches from Mr. Nascar. He seemed normal enough other than the occasional Michael Jackson dance move that he would randomly bust.


The clothes started peeling off. First it was the blazer. Then it was this very big scarf that could have passed for a blanket. People were starting notice that this guy was a little off…but really what can you do other than give a side-stare. (Note: Never stare at someone directly on the subway. You are risking your life in doing so.) I was staring at him via reflection on the inside of the train car. I thought I noticed him glancing my way repeatedly, but his sunglasses were deceiving.

Well, before I knew it he began hanging his clothes on my shoulder. Similar to how a person hangs a towel on a hook, or a coat on a hanger. This was confusing and weird, but I tried not to react too much. Clearly, this guy was a dingbat.

I gave him a glare and plucked the blanket from my shoulder. He gave me a single finger, indicating “just a minute” and continued to re-adjust his clothes. RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIN! At this point, people were giving the big-eye stare, shaking their heads and rolling there eyes. I’m sure they were all thinking the same thing that I was.

I thought the encounter was finally over when Mr. Nascar tapped me on the shoulder a few minutes later and asked if I knew where he could get a hot bath.

My answer was “NO.”

He pranced off of the train about 10 minutes later and everyone watched him float up the stairs and out of the Broadway Lafayette station. Just another day in paradiso.

Work is good lately. I could type endless amounts of hilarious, annoying, frightening, disturbing, and down right stupid stories from regular days on the job…but something tells me it’s just best to keep all of that to myself. If you want a good laugh, just ask me the next time you see me.

But we all work with a few crazy people, right? Sometimes I just put my headphones in at my desk and say goodbyyyyyyye everyone! By the way, being from Texas has its perks in a New York office. The expression “Don’t Mess with Texas” has really proven to be a pal in many instances.

The other day we ordered a huge lunch for a meeting. I zipped into the conference room to sign for the food and the delivery person said something like “wow you have such a warm and friendly personality, it’s so refreshing!” (Note, this was after about one minute of conversation…) The best response I could come up with was “Well, I am from Texas.” He closed his eyes and did a pursed-lip smile+head nod and said “now it makes sense. You know, I’ve always wanted to learn to rope cattle. Have you done that a lot?”


Another awesome thing that recently happened….going on stage at Sarah McLachlan! Basically, me and Emily are famous now. This is another story that’s better told in person.

concertpic IMG_2486


Looking back since the last time I wrote anything on here…so many things have happened! Extra fun holidays, people visiting, weddings, weekend trips to the beach, weekend trips to Atlantic City…winning the lottery, getting engaged, adopting a puppy, buying my first house….

Just kidding about those last four items.

2015 is off to a great start. So great that I may even wear something other than black tomorrow.




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