A Day of Firsts

This morning was pretty typical.

As usual, I woke up ten/fifteen minutes late. Actually…if I wake up “ten minutes late” every single day, then maybe I should just say…

As usual, I woke up right on time. I jumped in the shower, jumped out a few minutes later than I should have. Hair dried, mascara on, everything is going well when SCREEEEECCCCHHHHHHHH. Wardrobe crisis. Nothing looks good, there’s a new weird spot on this shirt, that shirt is suddenly shorter than I remembered, the other is actually see-through and I never noticed until JUST NOW?! WHY ARE THESE PANTS SO AWKWARD LOOKING?!?! DID I PUT THIS NEW SKIRT IN THE DRYYYERRRR!?!??!??!?

So all of the above is normal and occurs daily. I race out the door ten minutes later than planned and get on the train which gets me to work 10-15 minutes later than planned. Aka…right on time.

It had been a rough week at work, so far.

I recently got a promotion and have taken on (learning about) several new responsibilities that I will eventually “own.” Well, it’s a busy time over there in our office, so the love and attention meter is almost always in the negatives. That’s just fine, but it makes the learning process slightly more….drawn out. This week I was getting slammed for all of my minor mistakes etc etc and was really starting to think “I SUCK AT THIS!”

But then, today someone told me that I had done an “awesome job” on a pretty big project. Sounds simple and common but trust me it is definitely not. So, that was an awesome first! I was killing it in the office today.

Someone also called me “homie” over email at work today. That was a first. 

For lunch I ordered Potbelly’s. It’s been a while, so I was excited to order a “big” sandwich and eat half for lunch, half for dinner. They’re that big. I branched out for the first time in my at-work-Potbelly’s-order-history and got The Wreck sandwich. Well, I hated it. A few bites and I’d had enough so I rolled everything up and chunked it right into the trashcan by my feet, under my desk.

“Potbelly’s fail,” I said aloud. I started to get up to dash towards the kitchen for handfuls of unhealthy snacks when…

My friend who sits very near to me (and had just finished her salad in less than 2 minutes) said something like “wait I’ll eat that I’ll totally eat that!”

I kind of just laughed and swiveled back over to my computer screen. From the corner of my eye, I could see her still sitting facing me and she said “No seriously can I have that?”

I dug the sandwich out of the trash and within seconds she ate it. The BIG sandwich. YUCK!

That was another good first! 

After work Emily and I met up and went to Shake Shack at 86th and Lex. That was a first! And another first…we didn’t have to become table-vultures to find a place to sit!


After dinner, we walked up to 92Y (the world’s most awesome place over on the Upper East) for a talk with Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice! A cool first. Well, actually I have been to 92Y before. I was there to see Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink and Tipping Point), Brian Grazer (oscar-winning producer of movies like A Beautiful Mind) and Helen Hunt (Helen Hunt). Last night I was SUPPOSED to go listen to an interview with Judy Blume but missed it for work. 92Y hosts all sorts of classes and talks, with guests who are famous authors, actors, intellectuals, politicians, athletes, etc. I love it. Anyways Posh Spice rocked and was way nicer in real life than she ever led people to believe back in the day!


And here comes the biggest first.

The only bad thing about 92Y is the journey home. We have to take the 4 train (ew) to Union Square (ahh!) where we catch the N (booooo).

Note about the subways: Number-trains just aren’t great. The 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 are all big losers, in my opinion. Not so much where they go, but the lighting, the width, the seating arrangements, the frequency of random street performers….just not ideal. 

We made it to Union Square and caught an N train. Everything was fine until all of the sudden Emily said something about “You gotta do what you gotta do.” I didn’t really hear what she said before that until I smelled something so ratchet that I think I almost gagged. I turned and looked in the direction that Emily was (trying not to) look and WHAAAATTTTT!??!!??!??!!?

On a train full of people, at 9:30pm, in New York City…a woman was changing the diaper of her big giant toddler. He/she (couldn’t tell) was certainly not an infant and WOWZA. I mean, pants off, wipes out, and germs flying.

Thankfully we had just arrived to Canal Street and could race out of the train and into the next car over. THAT was a first.  

So, many firsts. Today just was another fun day in NYC.

Summer is here, which means weekends at the beach are on the menu 🙂
Next weekend we are headed to Montreal for a World Cup game, or two. WOO!

And before we know it, it’s family reunion time. I can barely contain my excitement.

Peace, homies.


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