We got 12.3 inches of snow last night.

This morning as I was walking to work (about a ten minute walk), I thought to myself “WOAH 15 degrees is painfully cold!”

Well whatya know it was actually just 4 out. Wind chill -9.

I’m not trying to brag about the length of our icicles here, just sayin this is definitely 100% without a doubt the COLDEST COLD I have/hope to ever felt/feel. Like, if you breath in you feel your throat freeze and so to keep it from shattering into icy bits you have to wrap your scarf tightly around your head, mummy-style…to prevent death. By the way, I DID slip and fall last night on my way to the train. Considering the fact that my hands were in my pockets when my feet started to slip and slide, the fall was minimally awkward. Giraffe girl meets graceful swan.

This week I’m temping at…The Weinstein Company!

You can probably recognize this.

Last week I was on the Lower East Side, living the hipster life. This week I’m in Tribeca. It’s a GREAT area but the only problem is that there aren’t THAT many trains that come over here to the west side. That’s alright, walking is more educational. Unless it’s 4 degrees out…

It’s a neat place. Movie posters, mail for movie stars, Harvey Weinstein…

Here are some pictures from what’s been happening in the hood lately:
photo 5
Sarah came to NYC, so Emily and I got to join her and her friends for dinner and “American yogurt” on Sunday night. It was great! There’s a great mural of Biggie over near where we ate dinner…can’t WAIT to return, snap a photo, and share it with you people.

photo 4
We got to attend a semi-private Jennifer Nettles concert last Thursday. This is actually how close we were…row three. So amazing.

My pictures aren’t great now that I’m looking at them here. Stay tuned for more.



Being hipsta

Actually while I’m at it, here’s my review of what it’s like:
Sipping, this VitaCoco has the consistency of regular water. I expected something more milky…is coconut MILK the same as coconut water?
As this stuff goes over the tastebuds, it reminds me of…I hate to say it…that salty disgusting stuff that you have to drink before certain procedures.
After a gulp, the horrible taste is gone and there’s a glimmer of hope that makes you want to take another sip.
Taking another sip you regret your decision.
WHO DRINKS THIS CRAP!? Pass the diet coke please.

I’m baaacckkk!

Old news to most of you, but I did officially leave my amazingly wonderful desk and that magically automatic sliding door at SAC…which means I don’t have quite as much free time to stare at my computer screen and write funny and random things whenever I please.

This week I’m temping at a very creative, very hipster place on the Lower East Side. Anyone who has been to NYC knows that going from midtown (the 50s) to the Lower East Side (so far east…Avenue B…) is just about as big of a culture shock as going from say…Chinatown to…the Hamptons. Brooks Brothers to thrift stores. Steakhouses to vegan delis…

So this is temp life! It’s kind of fun, getting to meet people that I would otherwise NEVER meet and it’s also neat seeing/experiencing different office environments. These people make commercials, music videos, cast models for ads, create digital content…pretty cool stuff. That being said, my head-to-toe Banana Republic attire was not very appropriate on day 1. Also….”creatives” don’t get to work until 10 or 10:30…
I guess when you aren’t running on money-time you can do anything you want!

But what’s even MORE awesome? This office has free snacks and drinks, too! Hipster snacks, though. So…LUNA bars and Kind bars, Coconut Water, and Diet Coke. NO WATER BOTTLES. That’s sooo not green and therefor soooo not hipster. I keep forgetting to bring my own and actually now that I think of it…I AM VERY THIRSTY FOR SOME WATER. HELP!


Christmas was amazing as always. Enchiladas, margaritas, friends, family(s), presents, my cat, dogs, my car, River Legacy, dollar Diet Cokes, the sun, having a sight-radius of more than 10 feet around me, my lime-green-stuck-in-7th-grade room…paradise! Pictures coming soon- I took lots this year.

I flew home with such grace. New boots on, new satchel on my arm, and perfectly packed bags. Made it to Newark with no problems, got my bags, and while I was waiting for my ride (the Navarras) to arrive, I thought “I’ll go back upstairs and grab a snack.”

I walked over to the escalator and got on, one rolling bag ahead of me and one behind me. (Imagine it). Well, the one behind me caught and I lost my grip- it fell and was stuck at the bottom of the escalator making tons and tons of noise as its long handle slammed on every passing stair. Meanwhile, I was moving onward and upward and had to let go of the bag in front of me so that I could attempt tho run down and get the stuck one. (This is all happening in a matter of seconds). I was running down the up-going escalator and getting nowhere…literally running in place.

Bagless, brainless, shameless. I shouted for help and some dude came to my rescue. When me and bag 2 made it to the top of the escalator after my short jog, bag 1 was waiting calmly for me. Sigh. Welcome home, ya filthy Texas animal!

Emily and I spent New Years in New Jersey, which was great. We did a whole lot of mostly nothing…which is I THINK what we were going for. On our last day of staycation there, we got a major snow storm.

Then…the coldest weather that I/we have ever experienced…
And on the night when the low was actually 0 degrees…our heater was out. LOLZ.

My friend Meghan made her first visit to NYC and stayed with us in our luxurious Sunset Aparkment (see what I did there?). We had a great time- we hit the high points of the city in a short amount of time 🙂

Let’s see what else…

Yesterday a lady kind of yelled at me when I stopped at the top of the subway stairs because my phone started to ring. Obvi, I answered the phone and came to a screeching halt before running downstairs into the abyss and losing service.

“YOU CANT JUST STOP HERE” she snarled. I’ll admit, I have done the SAME thing to others on occasion. I felt bad and ran away, embarrassed that I had made a very tourist mistake. Oops!

This morning a water main burst (bursted?…whatever) near Union Square and apparently all of the subways were just flooded with water. EVERYONE was running late because ALL TRAINS WERE DELAYED! CHAOS! I had to take a cab. Goodbye, $9.50.

It happens.

Pictures coming soon, promise!

Later doods,


So funny. To the left of my desk and a few feet behind me, there’s an automatic sliding glass door that separates me from the rest of the company-world. It’s a little Star-Trekkish and to me, kind of over-the-top but it does come in handy on days when I’m chatting online with Lauren and Ashleigh and am bursting into laughter every 5 seconds. A great sound barrier.

Usually, when meetings arrive and I take guests onto “the floor”…they are VERY IMPRESSED by this glass door. Even the highest of high C-level people have been known to ooh and ahh. Once, one guy shouted “THAT IS AMAZING!” Everyone on “the floor” peered over their 4-computer-monitor silos to see what weirdo was raving over the door this time.

The part that’s funny:
People who work here think that I am the one who opens the sliding door for them. So every.single.time. someone walks in and towards the door, they sincerely look at me and say “oh, thank you!” and then walk in as it slides open with perfect timing.

LOL. I DO NOT CONTROL THAT DOOR! IT IS AUTOMATIC! So we’re on about 14 thank-you’s just this morning. Isn’t that awesome? Monday is off to a great start!

This morning I read that there were “Bacon, scrambled egg, and cheddar” quesadillas for breakfast in the cafe. The words “scrambled” and “egg” are NEVER seen together in this office, so I was thrilled to learn that there were in fact egg yolks being served in some way today. I dropped what I was doing and diner-dashed downstairs (because I knew that all of the closet real-egg lovers were also sprinting towards the dillas as I was).

The kitchen guys seemed very confused when I asked for salsa- I explained that it must be a Texas thing, but that salsa is in fact DELICIOUS with scrambled eggs. They kind of laughed and said “we’ll have to try that…” SURRRRE YA WILLLLLL!

[Note: everyone in the world knows that I am from Texas. I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and he said to me “You know, all Texans are the same. The first thing they tell anybody is that they’re from Texas. And then everything they say somehow relates to the state of Texas.” He only came out and said this because in the first five minutes of my appointment, he knew that I was from Texas, loved Texas, missed Texas, loved the Rangers, liked the weird Texas weather, lived near Cowboys Stadium, and thought Texas was amazing. GUILLLLTYYYYYYY!]

Well, these eggs are not scrambled. As white as can be! Sigh. At least they got the cheddar and bacon right!

You have just finished reading about sliding glass doors and scrambled eggs…

Emily and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. On Friday, we fittingly saw Frozen, which was great! It was refreshing and the music was super- I highly recommend the movie for all ages.

Saturday was very snowy. I ventured out to Bay Ridge and enjoyed running a few errands in the snow…

Well I never really ENJOY walking in the snow as it’s pelting me in the frozen face but it was pretty and had everyone in a kind of cheery mood. On the way into Century 21 (a department store, not the real estate agency), I noticed that the McDonald’s which I used to frequent in my wandering days had been remodeled! I popped in and decided to enjoy a diet coke in the new upstairs area. The place looks great! So I sat down at the classic solo table- a long, high table with about ten stools around it where people who are dining alone typically sit. I was gazing out of the gigantic new window that overlooks 86th street and chatting with my mom on the phone when BOOM an older gentleman sat smack dab right there across from me, facing me and blocking my view of the now blizzard-like conditions.

Sometimes people just have that look where…you KNOW that they are going to talk to you as soon as you end your phone conversation. Besides, there were about 7 open seats at that table. Did he HAVE TO PICK THE ONE DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM ME?! So, I knew it was coming and as soon I hung up the phone the conversation began.

Harry, 61, was a harmless family man who loves cinema. He has a brother who works for AMC and gets to attend movie premiers all around the country, he’s even met Meryl Streep. Harry gets to see anything he wants for free at his brother’s theater, so he went on to tell me about EVERY MOVIE that he has seen in 2013. (Thanks for spoiling some endings, Harry.) I don’t think I actually said anything for a solid 25 minutes and when I did chime in…I’m preeeeeetty sure he couldn’t hear me. He would occasionally impersonate either Jack Nicholson, Donald Duck, or Bugs Bunny, which kept catching me off-guard, but all in all it was an interesting conversation. Apparently we all need to see All is Lost. Don’t worry, Harry did not ask me what my name was, where I lived, how old I was, or where I was from…and I somehow held back from admitting that I was from Texas. I think he just needed somebody to chat with. Well, I’m the right person for that! Note: he purchased a hot chocolate from McDonald’s but brought his own sandwich from home to eat. HAHA.

Last night I Emily and I decorated some more for Christmas.
Emily strung some lights:
photo 4

We put up the tree:
photo 5

And our apartment is now holidayfied!

Speaking of holidays. Check out this house in Bay Ridge:
photo 1

Also, yesterday I was walking along the water in Bay Ridge and observing the water quietly slushing into the rocks when AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A RAT! HOW does a rat get across the highway and down onto the rocks!? This little guy must have had a rough day…
photo 3

Am I weird?


1 year later…

I decided to pass on the company holiday party yesterday and instead took a little time after work to enjoy a concert at W 4th Street. Well, the concert was really just underground on the BDFM Platform but still.

I have to admit, and this has NEVER happened to me before, that I got busted for filming. The less important drummer (who you can see there creepily looking at me occassionally with sunglasses on) asked me to tag them if I posted the video on social media. YIKES! He was glad- he said they wanted exposure (from the world above-ground?) BUT STILL! Cover, blown. I’ll have to start getting craftier, here. Kimpossible style.

When I was finally Brooklyn-bound on the D train I had a sudden realization that OMG! It has been just about EXACTLY one year since I found out that I had gotten the internship at DCI. And just a few days later I graduated from OU. You know how sometimes you look at someone and they’re kind of just staring off to the side, like maybe there’s an invisible friend over there? And you can see that they’re thinking really hard about something and it’s kind of funny? Ok that was me on the train thinking of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the things that I’ve done in this action-packed year.

(This is mostly a post where I indulge myself in memories from this past year, maybe not the most interesting read)

Since THIS DAY in 2012 I, (okay, just some of the highlights):

1. Found out, while studying for finals with Lauren in the Union at OU, that I GOT THE INTERNSHIP AT DCI! I cannot explain the feeling that I had.

2. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma, lots of family came, it was great. Graduation meals at Blackbird and Legends…YESSS! The speaker at graduation was a non-jailed former Enron executive. If you know where I work now, then you know that this is very VERY laughably ironic.

3. Packed it up, moved home from Norman for two weeks. Christmas was dreamy as always. Texas was, as usual, paradise.

4. Packed it up again and moved to NJ for two weeks. When I landed in Newark it was sleeting, Deidre and Isabel picked me up and we went to IKEA. They bought some furniture and I think on the way home a few things may have flown off of the top of the car…ha ha

5. Saw the afternmath of Sandy, two months later but still oddly fresh and really bad. One morning I went for a jog and in the middle of the street there was a shower drain. A small symbol of HUMONGOUS amounts of destruction.

6. Two weeks later I moved into the apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. That was a secret little place that I’ll never forget. I actually loved it. Mostly the laundry place and Best London Deli rocked.

7. Did yoga for the first time ever in…Pennsylvania! Got to attend an amazing benefit for the Navarra family. I remember thinking “I’m going to to yoga forever!” But really, I may never do yoga again because nothing can match that experience.

8. Survived winter storm Nemo (lol).

9. Survived the worst flu I’ve ever had…alone in my apartment thinking my head was actually going to explode.

10. Erin came to visit me in NY and we saw Wicked! That was a great week. We FaceTimed with Becky and Jeremy.

11. Spent Easter in Toms River.

12. Being the crazy and weirdly spontaneous freak that I am, I decided that I could not live without baseball and needed to get a part time job at Citi Field…as a vendor. So I interviewed and was hired- the first new hire since Shea Stadium, the youngest vendor, and one of three girls among about 50 old men who either needed to sit in the seats with the fans to take a breather every 20 minutes or could remember when Babe Ruth played ball. JK, but seriously.

13. Skipped a day of work (interning) to work Opening Day at Citi Field. I sold hot pretzels and thought to myself “Was that awesome or worth it?”

14. My mom and her friends came to visit in April, which rocked. They went to Atlantic City and by the way I still have not been. I was in shock at how much they managed to do in just three-ish days.

15. My friends at work bought me cupcakes from Crumbs for my birthday AND LENA SENT ME A CUPCAKE DELIVERY, TOO! My bosses at DCI didn’t realize it was my birthday, but that was ok.

16. I MOVED TO BROOKLYN! All on my own. Completely 100% on my own. I looked at apartments all over and finally found Karen, who basically saved my life by choosing me as her roommate. The apartment was a diamond in the rough and EVERYTHING about it was so magical. I lugged bags from Queens to Brooklyn and just figured it out.

17. The internship ended. I was confused- I thought that I would surely get a job out of the deal but it kind of fizzled. In the end, it worked out for the better.

18. BUT MAN WAS I POOR. Broker than Josh Hamilton’s rib after slamming into the wall that one time. A little more lost than a tourist in NYC. A little more down in the dumps than Spongebob when he loses Gary. Thanks, Mom for always telling me to just buck up and get a grip. Seriously, though.

19. Went home to Texas to see one of my very best friends, Ashleigh, get married. That was paradise.

20. Came back and worked tons and tons of Mets games, got a job at Banana Republic. This seems like ages ago. That was interesting.

21. Karen moved out of the apartment to go live with her boyfriend/fiance/husband and EMILY CAME! TO LIVE IN NYC! She got to experience 27th Street with me and we dominated that apartment. Dunkin Donuts became our best friend for a while. The only downside was the extreme heat. But days out on the roof in the sun were so awesome.

22. Sprinkle this time period with beach days in Coney Island and on the Jersey Shore.

23. Went to the Singletary Family Reunion in Steamboat Springs…P A R A D I S E. Best week ever, couldn’t be beat, can’t explain it, my family (both sides) is the best in the entire world, AWESOMENESS!

24. Had to miss the Martin Family Beach Trip, that totally sucked. Don’t want it to happen again.

25. I got to work the All Star Game (weekend) at Citi Field. For some reason, my bosses let ME, THE ROOKIE, sell icies (Luigi’s Italian Ice) each game and WOWEE was that lucky. I saw Niel Diamond sing Sweet Caroline in real life and it blew my mind. The American League won and I think I was the only person in that stadium who was happy haha. Oh, and I got to chat with Rangers Captain!

26. We found out that we had to move out of 27th street basically 2 minutes before the new people moved in. Felt really stressed, me and Emily were looking at apartments all around and couldn’t really find anything when…

27. BOOM 42nd Street happened and we had the most interesting moving experience ever. I almost crashed a UHaul van, we wheeled (literally) some of our belongings down 4th Ave to our new apartment, our apartment owners were so happy to meet us but didn’t speak English…

27.5 We saw Jennifer Nettles perform INSIDE the Good Morning America studio on Emily’s birthday and then decided to swagger on over to the Today show where we came within arm’s reach of SCARY SPICE! FANGIRLING!

28. Got a real job at a hedge fund. Got a new phone and some new clothes. Dramatically quit at Banana Republic and my life changed for the better.

29. Went home to Texas for Austen’s wedding- it was so very magical and I loved everyhing about it. Actually, it seems like it was just yesterday! But really…

30. Saw the leaves turn colors.

31. Work work work work.

32. Decided, with perfect timing, to officially become a Catholic and started RCIA class at the church across the street from where we live. It has been very awesome so far and I am loving all of this new knowledge. Also, it’s great knowing the people in my class and having a chance to interact with people OTHER THAN the Manhattanites that I work with every day.

33. We saw the New York City Marathon happen, right there on 4th Ave! And went to the finish line-ish area to cheer for those amazingly fit people!

34. Perri, Varina, and Stephanie came to visit NYC and we got to hang out for a few days, which ROCKED!

35. Tim and Joanne came to NYC and me and Emily got to hang out with them for a day, which ROCKED!

36. Me and Isabel went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I am sewwww glad we made it.

37. Spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey, which was great.

Fill in the gaps with field trips to Staten Island, exploring the city even more, Little Caesar’s 5 Dollar Hot N’ Ready pizzas, new work friends, interesting work stories, the subway soap opera, Central Park, movies on Netflix, playing psychologist and giving therapy to stressed co-workers, finding shells, walking Mickey, hanging out with 15 years olds and 12 year olds…

And now, here we are. The adventure continues.

There are plenty of genius, awesome, amazing people who graduated college with me and went on to amazing jobs that pay lots of money, live in their own houses, and post photos of their dogs running through the leaves in their gigantic backyards…

But I’ve learned that it’s just best NOT to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. As my mom famously has said for as long as I can remember…”you are not everyone else.” Some of us are crazy spontaneous adventurous weirdos who move across the country to hopeFULLy (not hopelessly) figure out what it is we want to do. Or really, I think I know what I want to do but I want to try and find the BEST spot to start doing it, and that is in New York City. The right opportunity will come along eventually, and I’m having a great time moving towards it.

***Don’t get me wrong- I’m not just aimessly wandering around picking up hundred dollar bills from the ground and living it up in the city…I DO have to work for this gig.

Life is an adventure, people!

Also, a note from the editor: If you come searching for new posts all of the time, just subscribe and you’ll get an email when I update!

Snow is Beautiful

Until you have to walk in it to work.

Walking in a winter wonderland is just never as glamorous for me as I would like. Maybe if I just remember to always have an umbrella handy…

Well, Thanksgiving in NJ was great and yes, I DID go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Isabel and I had a great time, saw each and every float pass by us on 6th Ave and 37th Street. The crowds were actually not THAT bad. Leaving was interesting, though. Since so many streets were blocked off, we (3 million of us) were a little penned in. But, worth it! We had Thanksgiving lunch/dinner/second dinner/third dinner at Meem and Pop’s in Toms River, it was lots of fun.

Here are some of my favorite photos:
By the way, the frizzy haired weirdo on the turtle is….RICHARD SIMMONS!








Jumping right into the juicy:

I’ve confirmed the following hypotheses about New Yorkers.

[Just for the record, the term “New Yorker” might be the vaguest description of a person EVER. In your head you might picture a New Yorker as a fast-paced, always-hustling, all-black-wearing, fur-coat-owning, Fifth-avenue-dwelling, skinny-legged, interesting and international(ly well-traveled) person…

But in reality, New Yorkers are all 3985942358902 cultures of the world with all 93059845013891 demographic backgrounds who all look differently, act differently, live differently, speak differently, commute differently, cook differently…and the list goes on.

This is, to me, one of the best things about New York (City), but I think it’s often forgotten or else just not realized. Now that I think about it…the classic New Yorker idea that most people have in their head are probably the same New Yorkers who are unaware of the rest of the New Yorkers who dwell in regions other than the Upper East Side. Does this make any sense?]

So I’ve confirmed some recent hypotheses about New Yorkers, New York, in general etc.

1. They don’t eat egg yolks. Ok, maybe this only applies to the type of New Yorkers in my office. (See, now you’re like…”Okay so then what kind of New Yorkers are they?” They’re of the glitzy breed.)

But seriously. Next time I go somewhere I think I’ll request yolks only. This slimy, tasteless egg white on my croissant does absolutely nothing for me! Thanks, bacon, for picking up the slack. PS who put Swiss cheese with bacon? CHEDDAR BACON, PEOPLE. CHEDDAR BACON.

2. 6 times out of 10, men do not forfeit an open seat on the train to women. I guess this is one of those times when someone could say “It’s New York- you do what you gotta do!” The thing is…no you don’t. If you’re a man you should know what it means to be polite…just as the ladies on the train are polite in that they refrain from smacking you upside the head with all 568 pounds of baggage that they’re tugging along with them to work and then have to cling onto while standing and BALANCING FOR 30 MINUTES IN HEELS! GRR!

What’s the cherry on top? That most often, the scum-bag guys who just took your seat like to stare at the ladies on the train like maybe they don’t notice. GET A LIFE, CREEPS!

(I’m typing this with a smile, don’t worry. I take all of these things in as interesting and usually funny quirks about the city but realize as I’m typing that it can sometimes come across as kind of a big rant. Oops!)

3. This is a general human observation…but I think cell phone cameras have sort of kind of messed up our experiencing of awesome things. For example, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I, along with all 3 million of the other people standing there on 6th Avenue watching the floats go by, took at least 500 iPhone photos. But what if we stopped being so obsessed with getting the most perfect picture and just watched- with our eyeballs and not through our tiny 4 inch cell phone screens. And how stressed do we get when our phones die and we can’t take any more pictures?! Don’t get me wrong I love my pictures, but I’ve just been really aware recently of how many phones are held up in the air at any given moment in any given location to snap photo after photo after photo. It’s a weird and techy world!

4. New Yorkers, all of them mostly, love Christmas A LOT! Apartments that I would never expect to see sparkling in any way shape or form are looking GREAT! Windows are filled with silver gold white green red blue twinkles…

5. Native New Yorkers don’t always know much or ANYTHING about New York City! Emily and I have both experienced people who are from or have lived here for a while but are very oblivious to neighborhoods, parks, groups of people, etc. who live maybe 5 miles OR LESS away from where they dwell. It’s interesting. Maybe people like us who are eternal tourists (though we don’t like to admit it) just adventure more often and are forced to learn this city like the back of our hands…also…it’s just fun to know these kinds of things! I remember one girl at Banana who grew up in and lives in the Bronx. She said she has never been to Brooklyn and doesn’t have interest in going. What? That’s like living in Arlington your whole life and saying “I’ve never been to Pantego and I have no interest in going.” HOW CAN IT BE AVOIDED?! Disclaimer: many New Yorkers know more than Google Maps, but just sayin I can’t believe how many know so little.

6. Some New Yorkers are actually really nice. You just have to crack their frozen outer-layers. Truly. For example, the other day there was a really cranky old guy on the train. He was taking up two seats, wouldn’t let someone sit next to him because he was feeling too crowded etc. He got off the train at the same spot to transfer and while we were waiting, he got so into a subway musician’s performance that he looked as if he was being hypnotized. He dropped a few dollars into the drummer’s hat and went on his merry way with a smile. Maybe people around here (and everywhere) have to just sometimes remember not to sweat the small stuff. WHO CARES if someone wants to sit by you. JUST SCOOT OVER! WHO CARES if you miss your train. JUST GET THE NEXT ONE! WHO CARES if you got mayo on your McChicken and you asked for none. IT TASTES BETTER ANYWAY! Not caring too much about the dumb stuff really helps make life a little more fun, everybody.

Peace and love,

Photos from adventures in NJ:





Other recent photos:
The first is a woman actually snoozing while standing on the way home from work:





Thanksgiving Countdown

Well, tomorrow is the best day of the year (ok, one of the best) and while I’m pretty tragically bummed that I can’t be in Texas or Arkansas this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with my peeps, I am excited to bolt out of the city and head for New Jersey to hang with the Navarras tomorrow. Grateful to have great friends close by!

This will most likely be a Thanksgiving with an Italian twist, as almost everything at Meem’s comes with an Italian flare- even if not intended. While I’m at it, take a peek at the wildlife that roams free in their backyard on a daily basis:


But until then, it’s the usual work schmerk. Let’s see:

Yesterday the big big big big big big big big big big big boss was in the office so as usual, there was a feast available for the masses. Well, it was salad because apparently no one here eats bread, meat, fat, foods containing over 100 calories in general, cheese, sugar, or anything greasy. (This is a blanket statement, but I’d say in reality the blanket just covers 80% of the company). Regardless of my food beliefs and unanswered prayers for catered enchiladas and tamales and greasy tacos, I thoroughly enjoyed this salad, made with love and care by myself. I know, it looks like nothing special, but it was somethin else. Pray for tamales, get salad. I’ll take it.


This morning was not a beautiful commute. For some reason I decided to make my bed….my 23 minute time slot to shower and dress for work was ruined. I missed my train AND the one after it. I looked and felt like a wet dog, and when I finally did step on to the D train….it was a soppy soggy slippery humid fogged-window torture chamber. At least I got a dry seat. But hey, it is what it is. I was a little late to work but no one seemed to notice. I’d say that’s a win! On the downside, everyone beat me to the good breakfast items in the cafeteria (I don’t always buy breakfast, but when I do…I buy it right). Here’s what I ended up with. Yes, you’re seeing clearly.


But come on, would YOU be on time to work if this is what you had to leave in the morning?!

Oh, the other day I passed by the star that will be placed ever so delicately atop the Rock Center tree next week. Here it is! I’ll admit, I was expecting something just slightly larger than the creepy plastic Santa that we normally put on top of our tree at home….I’d say my proportions were a tad off.


Stay tuned for more pics- you may or may not see me curbside at the parade tomorrow.

It’s a slow day in the office so I’ve been browsing the best deals today online. Is it just me or….is this me?


Staten Island Santa:


And the Winner Is…

After a few days of observing Fifth Avenue Christmas decorations, I would like to formally announce that the winner of the Christmas decorating contest issss……

CARTIER. See those golden blurs climbing up the sides of the building? Those are golden pantherssss!


Ok fine I’ll just deem these guys the winners of the day. There really are too many other good ones to call them all losers. Thinking ahead to next week’s Rock Center tree lighting….eek!

Peace and Christmas Love,
Ice Queen

(I am sitting at my desk, literally frozen. You would think billions of dollars would equate to a working heater…)

PS I DARE you to beat me at naming all MLB teams in under a minute: http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/mlbteams